Aadhaar Card Status Easy Guide

Aadhaar Card status could be verified in two ways. We are going to show you both the ways for your convenience. You can implement to any and check your Aadhaar Card Status. Here only that applicant could check their status whoever have already applied and completed the submission process of verification, iris scan and get their acknowledgement no at last. Adhaar card is delivered within 90 days to applicant’s premises, but still you want to inquiry about your Aadhaar Card process, you can get it here.

Aadhaar Card Status Easy Guide

Here we are going to display a super easy method of both the ways of checking your Aadhaar Card status. Please follow and get your Adhaar Card Status right here. You can also download E-Aadhaar card temporarily once you find the acknowledgement no. this is known same as actual card. You can take a print and laminate E-Aadhaar Card regarded as universal identity.

Now let us show you the detailed two procedures for checking Aaddhar Card Status Online

  • First you can go online into its official website
  • Once you log on you will be displayed three boxes
  • In once box enter your 14 digit no without adding slash
  • Now enter 14 digit itme date and time printed on slip in the next box
  • Now enter the image shown under image link
  • Now click on submit button

This is the online procedure to know your Aadhaar Card Status online.

Now turn around in the second procedure

In the second procedure you can check your Aadhaar Card Status by only sending one SMS without using internet.

  • Open the message box of your phone
  • Open create message and write UID STATUS<14diigit no without adding slashes>
  • Now go for the recipient no and send send it 51969
  • You will instantly get your Aaddhar card no if it is ready
  • Otherwise you will get your Aadhaar card status current process.

These are both the simple and easy ways for how to check Aadhaar Card Status. Both offline and online facility is available to check Aaddhar Card current position. If you have not get it and want show the current position of Adhaar Card then go for these fine procedure we have narrated here for you.

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