Tips to Unroot your Android OS Smartphone Manually

Of course, Android rooting is the process to speed up your Android smartphones and you can do it simply with the help of Android Root tutorial. But you need to consider unrooting your smartphone if you want to get back to your previous OS or to upgrade to the next version. You can unroot your device as easy as how you root your Smartphone.

Tips to Unroot your Android OS Smartphone Manually

In this article i am going to explain a simple way with its alternative to unroot your Android mobiles.

Using SuperSU app:

  1. It is easy to unroot your mobile phones if you have SuperSu app installed on it.
  2. Go to the setting tab in the SuperSu app and then head to Full unroot option.
  3. Now select Full unroot option and click confirm to unroot your device.

If you are having any troubles with this method then here is an alternative one.

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Using Factory Reset:

You can also use Factory reset option to unroot your Android device, don’t make this method as a regular one to unroot your device.

Note: But this option may damage your image files and contacts that are stored in your mobile phones, so it is good to take backup of all your files before heading to this method. It doesn’t cause any damage to your SIM.

  1. Open Settings Menu and go to Backup and Reset option.
  2. Go to the last and click Factory Data Reset in the menu.
  3. A message will popup with detailed information and then select Reset phone or Reset Device at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now your device will start to reboot.

Hope this guide will help you to unroot your device easily without any hurdles.