Ecommerce Design Tips for Increasing Conversions

Launching new e-commerce website won’t take much time but there are many things to get shine in that. Simply launching e-commerce website won’t give more conversion reason behind that is there are many giant competitors in the field.

First approach the best ecommerce web development company bangalore to develop attractive e-commerce website. Your business has some unique features from others. So find that and reach more audience based on that.


Sometime e-commerce website is too artsy by the designs. Someone use flash animations which will slow down your browser and someone use color schemes. Here are the few tips to design E-commerce website to increase conversion rate.

1) Shopping cart is Should be Visible

If a site loss a customer in the shopping cart, it shows that they are losing huge conversion. They are few things to notify in shopping cart page. If the customers add an item to the shopping cart, your site should have area listing (number of items in customer cart) and other relevant information in it.

2) Optimise “add to cart” button

Site customers will react differently on Call-to-action button. For example, if “add to cart” button goes to “learn more” or “more details” customer won’t react to it.

If call-to-action or Buy now button has direct call-to-action feature that will get a positive response from shoppers.

3) Simplify Searches with an Auto-complete Function

Auto-complete is most wanted as well as most expectable features by the customers. Over 25% of e-commerce website users prefers search feature for finding their wanted products than category path for navigation.

4) Provide a Quick Product Preview

Due to lack of time and slow loading speed, clicking individual items on the separate page are avoided by most of the customers. So try to provide quick product reviews to your customers.

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